Become A Better Community Ambassador

2 min readJul 2, 2021


1. Introduction of Better

This is a stunning product. As a pioneer in the prediction market, Better can achieve “predictability of everything” through consolidated liquidity and lossless features.

The community is an important part of Better, a spiritual asset. We would like to share this product with more community members. For the Better’s public beta testing , we would like to invite you to participate in the building and development of Better together. We will release a community ambassador program to invite community volunteers to participate in the online testing of Better.

2. Better Ambassador rules

Test phase:

a) During the test phase of Better, you can join our test to find bugs and make suggestions to earn rewards. A single reward can go up to $1,000 worth of $BET.

The specific rewards rules are as follows:

  • Suggestions, $10–50
  • Minor, $50–100
  • Medium, $100–200
  • High risk, $200–1000

don’t hesitate to join our test, just click here:

Tips:tutorials for Better test product:Click here for the tutorial

b) During the launch: (not open for now)

  • Continuous content output in the Better community to ensure community activity; (no less than 20 Telegram statements in a single day)
  • Actively answering questions from community users.
  • Actively spread Better news ; (Retweet Better news to other communities or social media)
  • 500 BET per month for users who meet the above requirements.

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Twitter: Here

discord: Here

Telegram: Here




An open source and decentralized protocol for lossless prediction market