A Better Tutorial

3 min readJul 6, 2021
  1. How to start
    Download and set your METAMASK
    Download address:
    How to add the “Testnet” to your wallet
    Go to link : chainlist.org, search “heco”
    Choose “Huobi Chain Testnet”,click the button[Connect wallet] & [Add to Metamask]

After that, the [networks] should be shown as below

1.3. How to get HT&USDC Test Tokens

Sign in on this website:https://scan-testnet.hecochain.com/faucet

* Identify your request with Github

* How to get HT: go to [HT&WHT], add your wallet address and approve

* How to get USDC: go to [hrc20], choose[USDC] and add your wallet address

* Paste the [USDC] address to your wallet and add token

4. Then, your wallet should be shown as below

The operation of the test website

Go to our test website and connect the wallet

The test link : http://test.abetter.pm/#/BetMarkets

Click the button “connect wallet” to connect your META MASK

How to deposit

Go to [ Staking Vaults ] and click the button [ Deposit ]

Click [ Approve ] button according to the tips

Deposit success: as shown in the picture below

How to predict

1.Go to [ BET MARKET ], choose the prediction event and click it to enter

2.Choose your opinion

3.Approve your transactions in your wallet

4. Then, you can go to [ My Account ], and check [ My Bet ]

How to claim

Go to [ My Account ], claim your prize

How to withdraw

Go to [ My Account ], click the [ Withdraw ] button and approve




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