Better’s mining tutorial

2 min readAug 1, 2021

— Connect Wallet

  • Download and set your METAMASK up ( We currently only support metamask wallets)

Download here:,

  • How to set “networks”
    1. Go to the following link,search “ Heco” or “BSC”
    2.Choose the mainnet you want, click the button ”Connect wallet” & “Add to Metamask”

3. The [networks] should be shown as below

— BET Contract Address

Add tokens to your metamask wallet by filling in the BET contract address, the contract address is as follows

Heco: 0x028a52032a7075a42585c037f069c62b49ebaa3d

BSC: 0x028a52032a7075a42585c037f069c62b49ebaa3d

— How to provide liquidity for Better

  1. Go to the official website and click on “deposit now”
  2. Then go to [ Staking Vaults ] and click the button “Deposit”

3. A successful deposit means successful liquidity provision, you can then claim your BET rewards

4. After you’ve provided liquidity, you will be given tickets to bet on the BET prediction market, see “how to bet” for details below.

— BET Reward Weight

Here are the different token pool allocations for BET rewards in different networks. You can add your tokens by referring to the tutorial on adding contract addresses in Part 2 above.




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