Better 2.0 beta version community testing is almost here!

How to get rewards as quickly as possible?

Come to fill in your wallet address to get your rewards👇

How to get rewards

Step1: Go to “Rewards”:

Step2: Deposit BET/USDT LP Token to get BET

Step3: Deposit BET to get tickets for betting

How to deposit

How to predict


✅conductive to increase liquidity

✅make investors BET tokens more useful

✅participate in prediction events and get more rewards

we haven’t decided the official release time, but there will be a beta version in the community for a period of time before its official release. Participating in community testing and there are rewards for finding problems and submitting problems, which we used to do in the past.

More information please click the link below👇



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An open source and decentralized protocol for lossless prediction market