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Sitting Paralympic Volleyball

Morteza Mehrzadselakjani, tallest paralymic athelete

Sitting volleyball originated in the Netherlands in 1956. After entering as a “demonstration” sport during the 1976 Paralympic Games in Toronto, Canada, Sitting Volleyball was first included in competition at the 1980 Paralympic Games in Arnhem, Netherlands. It has been in every Paralympic Games since.
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Barcelona vs Sevilla

One of la liga’s big matchups of the season. Seeing Barcelona with a weakened team and Sevilla seemingly getting better and better as times goes on will prove to be a match to watch. Will Barcelona come out with the win even after having lost the worlds best player or will Sevilla triumph?
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France vs Ukraine

France vs Ukraine: though this matchup seems lopsided, France has been surprised by lesser teams such as Switzerland in the Euro 2021. Will Ukraine end up beating France for some much needed points in order to quality for the 2022 world cup?
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T11 100M Paralympic Race

T11 is the category for blind runners that are accompanied with running guides. Runners must wear a blind fold in order to be able to partake in the t11 category. What country will end up winning the gold? The current gold medal holder is David Brown and his guide Jerome Avery. Will they win the gold again?
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Tokyo Most Gold Medals

If growing your roster were a Paralympic sport, this year’s games would win gold. There are 4,403 athletes taking part in the international competition getting underway Tuesday, according to the organizing committee for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. That bests the previous record for athletes competing in the Paralympics of 4,328 set in Rio in 2016. The new record comes even as several teams have had to drop out of the games this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Afghanistan’s Paralympic team also had to cancel its trip to Tokyo amid the ongoing upheaval in the country.

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Switzerland vs Italy

Two great football nations will face off to try and get a spot for the 2022 world cup in Qatar. Italy, who has just been crowned European champions vs England will try to quality to show that they’re not only the best in Europe but in the world. We’ll see if they can pull that off. Switzerland, with a fantastic national team will try to beat European champions as a sort of mini-revenge for them being beat by Italy in the group stage of the Euro 2021.

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