The competition between FPX and EDG

League of Legends LPL league is in full swing. LPL officially announced the summer League Finals and global Finals qualifying schedule. Currently, the teams are FPX, EDG, WE, RNG, LNG and RA teams. FPX team and EDG team will compete fiercely for the silver Dragon Cup champion.



New Prediction Event: Will Meng Wanzhou be extradited back to China?

On the morning of August 18, Vancouver local time , Meng Wanzhou’s Canadian extradition case continued to be talked about.

The case did not give a result in court, but chose to postpone the sentence.

Will she be extradited back to China?

Let’s make a prediction of the outcome of Meng Wanzhou’s extradition case👇

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Better 2.0 beta version community testing is almost here!

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How to deposit

How to predict


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we haven’t decided the official release time, but there will be a beta version in the community for a period of time before its official release. Participating in community testing and there are rewards for finding problems and submitting problems, which we used to do in the past.

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